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Thank-you for your interest in Biro Technology. We are
a small, highly-skilled company dedicated to bringing you the finest high-performance loudspeaker products at prices within reach of most audiophiles and music lovers.

Our comprehensive design methodology allows us to produce systems with performance unimaginable a few short years ago–and unmatchable by others today. Our design process integrates original and truly useful performance standards, the liberal use of state-of-the-art instrumentation and computer modeling tools, and extensive listening trials at every stage of the process.

It is through this exhaustive approach that we are able to deliver systems that combine impeccable technical accuracy along with the unprecedented musicality that is the Biro hallmark.

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Biro Technology products and reviews. 

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A listing of audio-related articles from Biro Technology's founder, Mithat Konar.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Find answers to many of your high-end loudspeaker questions.
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How to get more information including how to purchase Biro products

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